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Who we are

Jason and his dog Polar

BerkSites Berkshire Website Design, is a website company in Berkshire County providing quality website design as well as supporting services such as search engine optimization, website management, competition analysis, web based application development and multimedia productions.

We primarily serve Berkshire County and surrounding areas with some clients as far away as Boston Massachusetts. We are also willing to travel to suit the needs of our clients.

Our experience is vast and our personnel have skill sets that rival that of our local competitors. On hand we have talent that includes meditative coders, eccentric graphic designers, captivating multimedia producers and intriguing photographers!

One of our most prized accomplishments is the development (and ongoing evolution) of our own Content Management System. It, unlike many other commercial solutions, was built from the ground up the way our clients informed us would be best suited to their needs.  Working closely with the diverse client base that we serve has resulted in a system that caters to all types of business and is truly user-friendly.

Jason M. Morin, Sr. is behind BerkSites.  He lives in North Adams and aside from a few years of "seeing whats on the other side of the mountains" he has spent the vast majority of his life here.  Always trying to excel in this business, he is sure to stay on top of all of the current technologies and actually does the majority of the "coding" himself.

 His dog "Polar" doesn't care much for web design, it really cuts into walk and play time, but over the past 11 years of developing websites, his owner sure does know a trick or two!

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