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Website Design, being a very multi-disciplinary practice, is dependent on the ability to understand and effectively implement a number of skills, programming lanquages and business practices.

Some things you may want to know in this business....


HTML is the main language web design is built upon. It is what all computers, tablets, phones and other interent enabled devices use to "display" content to the viewer.

Server Side Lanquages (PHP, .NET, ASP, Cold Fusion)

Serverside languages are the programming languages that happen "behind the scenes"  things like serving up dynamic content or storing data in databases or even performming things like making shopping carts works or emailing.  We specialize in PHP programming but we have been known to dabble in the others. PHP is the industries most commonly used server side lanuage.


JavaScript is a "client side" language, meaning it performs its functions on the computer that is viewing the website.  This language makes it possible to perform a lot of graphical and interface related funcitons like drop down menus, AJAX calls and dynamic page styling.  

In the past, many annimations were done in Flash but with the advent of JavaScript frameworks like JQuery and Mootools, more and more is being done in JavaScript.  Take in consideration that Apple all but refuses to enable it in their iPhones and iPads - most of the industry is turning to JavaScript.  

We have that covered.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization

This is what really should drive you to hire a professional to build your website instead of trying it yourself or having your nephew take a stab at it.  It takes year, believe me, to be able to understand and compete in the world of search engine rankings. It is ever changing and to stay on top you really have to have a finger on the pulse.

We work hard to do so - many of our clients enjoy being on top and getting them there only makes us better at what we do.

Content Management Systems

There is a happy medium that can, and should, be met between you and your website manager.  While it is important to have someone who understands the profession the way a lawyer understads law, it is equally important that someone who understands your business is just as involved with your website.  

It also doesn't make good financial sense to pay a lawyer to fill out something as simple as a loan application..

That is why we have spent the last more than a decade developing a bridge of sorts between our clients, their websites, and us.  This bridge is a "medium" between the code of the site and the content.  It allows our clients to perform routine opperations like making changes to content, uploading images, creating galleries and slideshows and even uploading video as easy as managing a Facebook page or sending an email.

In our opinion it is what makes BerkSites.

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