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Website Design Services

Web Design is a multi disciplinary service that focuses the communication of messages from publisher to reader in the way of using words, images, audio and video.

Inherently, much more gets communicated as well - the quality of your message is affected in a large degree by the quality of the presentation. This thought should give weight to your production - It needs good capable hands, and it needs your involvement.

Some examples of our work...

A good website should consist of:

Proper coding techniques

"Under the hood" of your website, it is important to be sure your code is proper. Todays Internet traffic comes mostly from search engines so it is important not only to make sure your content is clean and presentable to human eyes but also to these programs that index and return your website as a suggestion to people using search engines like Google, Yahoo, BING, Ask, or MSN. Many "beginners" in web design either overlook these aspects or simply are unaware of their effects on the success of your website.

Compatability with all of your viewers devices

Our websites play very well with all of today's popular devices - things like one click dial and instant directions from your smart phone, easy iPad and tablet friendly controls, fast load times, and of course cross platform compatability, are all things you can expect from us.

Well formed and presented content 

Readabilty is a must.  Things like proper margins, smart color choices, appropriate font styles, sizes, and colors; these are all very important. As much attention, if not more, must be paid to this as do your color schemes and graphic designs.

Accurate and timely information

 What good is yesterdays news?  All we need is an email or a phone call and your website updates can be considered done.  We take pride in checking off our todo lists.

Should you wish to make changes your self, we have designed a content management system that even novice computer users to find a snap to make use.

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