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Regarding the Internet Explorer Bug of April 2014 and what to do

If I have been in your office, you have no doubt heard me complaining about the downright insufficiency of Microsoft Inernet Explorer. Now its painfully apparent that an OS maker has no business into web browser technology... perhaps its time they close shop?  I know a great many whose heart would not be broken. 

This vulnerability seems to have a wall of secrecy around it - I have been able to gather some facts and it seems that the exploit involves the use of Adobe Flash - another dying technology. 

As I find out more, I will post but for now - download Firefox or Chrome, either both will do the trick, if your big on privacy, Firefox is probably your better bet but its no TOR.

It may seem perplexing to get to it without using Internet Explorer on a new or freshly installed pc - here is the solution for that:


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