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[SCAM ALERT] - Fraudulent CC Charge

The newest scam seems to be one where they try to scare you into thinking that their credit card was charged fraudulently by you or your business.  They are even sneaky enough to use your name and other info like your address or website address.  Of course there is no phone number or anything listed to you just have to click on the attachment and all of this can get cleared up - 

Yeah Right!

Here is a copy of what I saw in my mailbox:

I have this $779 charge on my card from mywebsite.com
i am attaching my credit card statement.
please cross it with your data and let me know what is this.
i wanted to contact you before i call the authorities.

Obviously the attachment contains some sort of malice and/or spyware and you should not open it.

One of the biggest challenges with these scams is that they often come through from someones hacked email - tracing back is near impossible with out some serious computer forensic work and there is a good chance that wont even help. You may not even be able to filter it as spam without blacklisting emails you want in the future.

I will say acts like this don't last long - just delete them for the time being.


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