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Social Media Management Tips

As professionals looking for work, we understand the importance of being seen in as many places as possible. Check out these tips to better manage your online social media presence.  

Be where the prospects are but pay equal attention to what info is where?

It seems in todays fast paced internet savvy workplace, there are few people we know who are not on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and yes, even Google Plus (though you may not even know it with that last one, but we'll come back to that later). You may be tempted to have all of your info loaded into every profile on all of your networks.  While this may be easier to maintain, it is not the most effective way to do things. 

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google are the big four at the moment in the world of social media and social networking. Each has their strong suits and each have their drawbacks. For instance, Facebook is great for sharing those photos of your vacation and your kids graduation but is this where you want your potential employer or customer learning about you?  Does that picture of you dancing after a couple drinks have anything to do with that degree in computer science you worked so hard for? In the same light, you have to ask yourself why its important that your last research breakthrough or your companies new product is worth a status update that sweet couple from Bocaru will see.

What Goes Where (What information belongs in which social networking site)?


No shocker here, Facebook is best used as a place that your personality lives. This is not to say you can't or shouldn't have information about your accomplishments and work history, but here it seems more like bragging.  Where you work, or the name of your business and maybe a link to a coresponding website should serve you well.  You want your expertise


LinkedIn has become the "proffesionals" social network, other than a tiny bit of humor, its all business here.  Think of it as your online resume - theres even tools to export your profile as a resume.  Safe to say bragging isn't only accepted here but its the whole reason behind it.  Where you went to school, why your the best, listing of your accomplishments, the whole thing... this is where it goes.


Less about who you are, more about what you want to say and who you want to listen to. 

Google Plus

Though some say this is an unsuccessful social network, I disagree, it's just not all about you. That may not serve you as well as a place for social activity, but it does provide you with tons of tools that can really bring your ability to communicate your brand to a level unparalleled with any other single log in.

Getting Setup

Setting up your social networks can be a bit daunting, we can do it for you if you are a client, or wish to become one. If not, follow these guides: (under construction)

  • A guide to setting up a Facebook profile - Here we will go through the process of preparing and setting up a Facebook account
  • Linking Up with LinkedIn - getting started with LinkedIn
  • Tweet your way to Top of Mind - How to start and fly with twitter.
  • Google Plus - From YouTube to Hang Outs, Gmail to Google Calendar, one login to rule them all. 
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